No Mud

I think Mom should let me out now.  She kept saying that I couldn’t go out ‘cuz it was too muddy.  Well, it’s not muddy now ‘cuz the wind took care of that!!!

Who turned the fan on full blast outside???

That’s what I’d like to know, too.  I watched Mom out in that wind today and I thought she was going to blow away.  Good thing she had a big breakfast so her feet stayed on the ground.  All the puddles are dried up now and there are those little flying things from the trees all over the place.

I don’t like the wind at all.  Please don’t make me go outside.  The wind scares me.

I’m sure Mom won’t make you go outside.  She’s a nice Mom.  You can stay inside and play with our toys.  But I sure would like to go outside and see if I can find out what’s happening.

I like to take a nap in that bright light.  I get all toasty warm and sleepy.  We haven’t seen much of that bright light lately.  Did all that wind finally blow it in here again?

I don’t understand weather so don’t ask me.  I think I’m going to go sit in the window and listen to the birds.  Maybe they know where all this wind came from.

A Few Thoughts


I’m not sure I know what Memorial Day is.

I was here with Mom last year for Memorial Day so I know a little bit about it.  For one thing it means she gets an extra day off work so she’ll be home with us.  More importantly, it’s a time that humans celebrate and honor the servicemen and servicewomen who have so selflessly fought for our freedom.

What exactly is freedom?

Well, the easiest way to explain it to you is by using a door.  You know how much you hate it when there is a closed door?

Yes, that’s because I’m sure I’m missing out on something.

Well, freedom would mean there are no closed doors.

YIPPEE!  That is cause for celebration.

But remember, some of those humans lost their lives fighting for that freedom and that’s why we should remember them and thank them.

Do any cats fight for freedom?

I don’t know.  I’ve heard of dogs who have been in the service but I don’t think I’ve heard of any cats.  I bet it’s because we cats don’t need to boast and brag the way dogs do.

Well, if I knew how to raise my paw and salute, I would do just that for all the humans who have fought for our country.

Me too!

I Hate Suitcases

What did we do?

What’s your problem now, Shakespeare?

Where’s Mom?  I saw her put clothes in one of those bag things and then she left and she hasn’t come back.

Relax.  I looked at the calendar and Mom is busy taking care of some dog whose mother has gone on a trip.  She’s only going to be gone a few days.

But I don’t like it when she’s gone.  I miss Mom!

You just have to grow up and not be afraid.  Uncle Bob will feed us and play with us.

But he doesn’t let us sleep with him.  Does that mean I’m going to have to sleep with you?

No way.  You sleep on the couch and I’ll take the chair.  Your big old fluffy tail gets in my face and makes me sneeze when you’re sleeping by me.  Besides that, when you purr you make too much noise.

Well, you weigh too much and when you step on me it hurts.  I want Mom back home now!!!

Mom……..if you can read this, please hurry ‘cuz Shakespeare is whining again.

Big Trouble

Hemingway, you’re in big trouble now!

Am not!!

Are too!!!  You know Mom gets mad when you pull the towel off that holder thing.

Well, I just figure I’m doing something good for her.

Oh, I can’t wait to hear this.

You know that big box the humans call a television?  Well, I’ve seen humans on there doing all sorts of bending, stretching and dancing.  One human said that was what they do for exercise.


So, I’m helping Mom get her exercise by pulling the towel down ‘cuz then she has to bend down and pick it up.  If I do it lots of times during the day then she gets lots of exercise.

I just don’t understand how you come up with these ideas.

I still think you’re going to be in trouble so just in case, I took some pictures of you in the act so Mom doesn’t blame me!

Shakespeare, you’re a pest.

Am not!

Are too!!!

Mom Is Acting Strange

Now I’m starting to get  worried about Mom, too.  Last night I heard the rain coming down really hard and Mom went outside in it!! There was even some of those really bright flashes of light and loud noises.  I think Mom should have stayed inside where it’s safe.

What was she doing?

She was moving those little green things  around.  Remember when she was gone with Auntie Linda for a long time yesterday?

Yes.  What does that have to do with Mom in the rain?

Well, I saw that she bought a bunch of those green things that she likes to put in the dirt.  Last night she went out in the rain and moved them.  Do those green things melt in the rain?  I know Mom doesn’t ‘cuz she came back in and she was really wet but she wasn’t melted.

While you were taking a nap today I saw her out there putting some of those green things in the dirt.  I love dirt. 

She should have stayed inside ‘cuz it was raining again today.

I know and while Mom was digging in the dirt (which she doesn’t let me do) she was getting that mud (which I already know is wet dirt) all over her.

How come humans get to get dirty and we kitties have to stay clean?  That’s another thing I don’t understand.

Mom was out in the rain digging in the mud to plant these green things. Humans are so strange!!

Dirt and Mud

We got to see Auntie Linda today!!!  She’s Mom’s friend who convinced her to adopt us.

What’s this “we” stuff?  Mom picked me up and I even went outside to greet Auntie Linda.  When Mom and Auntie Linda came in the house, you were hiding out in the other room.  Then when Mom carried you out, you were scrambling like crazy to get down.

You know I don’t like to be held.  It takes away from my independence.  Besides, I let Auntie Linda pet me.  She’s a nice lady.

Yes, but I’ve seen her more times than you.

I don’t care.  She didn’t say your tail was all big and fluffy.

Whatever!  Actually I’m more concerned about the sanity of Mom.


Well, didn’t you see her outside last night digging in the dirt while it was raining?  Do you know what happens to dirt when it gets wet?

No, but I’m betting you’re going to tell me.

I googled it and found out that wet dirt becomes mud and that makes a terrible mess.  So I don’t understand why Mom was out there playing in the mud!

It must be a human thing.

Another Wonderful Day

I don’t think Mom planned on me being outside tonight, but she made the mistake of holding the door open a little too long so I went running out.  She was busy with this big metal thing outside that gets hot.  I think she puts human food in there and cooks it or something.  I don’t want my food cooked but that stuff sure smelled good!

This is my jungle kitty pose. Do I look ferocious?

In the picture above I was watching my buddy Champ.  He was so surprised to see me outside.  He didn’t know that I was out a couple of nights ago.  I wonder if he notices how much I grew over those cold months when I had to be inside.

Hi, I'm Champ and Hemingway is my friend.

I have just one thing to say.  Being outside is stupid.  While Hemingway was outside, Mom gave me treats!  I was soooooooooooo happy!!!

Toys and treats! That's the life!!!!

I Can’t Believe It…..

Quick…..go get the calendar.  Does it say December 24th?  It must be my birthday.  That’s the only explanation I have.


She was out there digging in the dirt.  No, I still don’t know why she gets to do it and I don’t!  Anyway, she was outside and she let me come out.  She actually held the door so I could calmly walk out.  I was afraid she might quickly shut the door as I got near, but she didn’t.  I went outside.  Of course she had Ebony, the dog, come out with me.  I guess she figured if anything happened Ebony would bark.  Doesn’t she know that Ebony barks at invisible things and sounds that are only in her imagination?  Oh well, it doesn’t matter ‘cuz I got to go outside.

The grass was so green and that bright light was shining in the sky making everything warm.  I chased some bugs.  I chewed on some grass. I looked for my buddy Champ.  I was kind of sad that Champ wasn’t outside to see me.  He would have been so surprised that Mom let me go outside.  I had lots of fun exploring things. I didn’t miss Shakespeare at all and I didn’t  look in the windows to see if he was watching me.   I didn’t even make a fuss when Mom said it was time to go inside.

Yes, it was a beautiful night.  Mom let me go outside!!!!   Did you get to go outside and play?

More Questions

Why do humans keep their food in that big box?  Why doesn’t Mom keep our food in there?  Can’t kitty food and human food live together?  Is human food better because it’s kept in that big box?  Should I be more interested in human food ‘cuz it’s kept in there?

When I first came to live in my new house, I tried to show Mom what I wanted for supper.  She wouldn’t let me have any of the human food out of that big box.  Will someone come help me open the door when Mom’s at work so I can see what all is in that big box????