My Turn to Talk

I don’t know where Hemingway is but the computer is free and I’m going to use it while I can.  That Hemingway thinks he owns it just ‘cuz he’s bigger and older.  Well, I’m younger and more agile and besides that………..I’m smarter!!!

Treats are very important to both of us.  We love it when Mom gives us treats.  She makes Hemingway do tricks to get his treats but she knows I don’t have time for stupid tricks.  I just want the treats!!!  When she comes home from work she feeds the dog and that means we get treats.  Most of the time I don’t even bother to greet her at the door.  I just go sit on my “throne” (which is the lid on the metal container that holds our food) and wait for my treats.  I always have lots of time afterwards to greet Mom but I keep my priorities straight!

Do you like bread?  I would like to kiss the human who invented bread.  I just love it!  Whenever Mom has some bread I just talk up a storm trying to convince her to give me some.  Most of the time it works, but sometimes she doesn’t like to share.  Isn’t that wrong?  Aren’t you humans supposed to share??

Hemingway loves to go outside but I don’t like it.  When that wind hits me it scares me and I get frantic as I try to find the magic entrance to the house.  Maybe when it gets warmer I might enjoy going out for a little bit but Mom has to be around so she can let me back into the house right away.  I’m still kind of young even though I’ve had my one year birthday.  I’ve got lots of learning to do.

Well, I guess I better go for now.  I think Hemingway is awake and he’ll probably try to take over the computer again.  Yep………it’s that sharing thing again.  I have to learn more about sharing and how I can benefit from it.

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