Cat Chatter

I woke up from my nap and I was just sitting here thinking about things.  For instance, take a look at my foot. 

                            Hemingway ponders the colors on his feet.

I have really black fur and then really white fur.  How does the hair know what color it should be?  What happens if the white hairs jump across that invisible line?  If a black hair shows up in the white, should I pull it?  How does my fur know to make a nice clean line there on my foot?  If I get my nice white foot muddy will Mom get mad?  I’m thinking I probably already know the answer to that one!

How come my fur is shiny and black and Shakespeare’s fur is long, fluffy and shades of orange?  What would I look like if my fur was orange?

Have you ever sat and stared at dirt?  I do it all the time.  Mom has some plants in the house and she can’t understand why I’m so fascinated with staring at the dirt.  Have you ever noticed all the different colors and textures?  It’s like staring into a mud puddle or looking at those white fluffy things in the sky and making pictures in your mind.  I can do that with dirt.  It’s fun.  You should try it sometime!

Ok, I’ve thought enough.  It’s time to go chase Shakespeare!!

3 thoughts on “Cat Chatter

  1. Hemingway, dirt really is fascinating. Did you know that it is actually very finely ground rocks? I also love the different colors you can see in it. You should have your mom show you pictures of the desert, where you can see the different colors of the earth. Oh, the Grand Canyon is a good place to see the different colors too.

    1. Hey….I’m going to tell Mom to let me see more dirt! I’m glad there’s a human out there who understands my fascination. Thanks!


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