It’s Friday!!!

Mom really likes Fridays.  I can tell.  When the alarm goes off, she kind of smiles as she shuts it off so it won’t ring the next day.  That’s the only day she does that so maybe that’s why she likes Fridays.  She’s happier when she leaves the house in the morning and she’s really happy when she comes home at night.  I don’t know if it’s a human thing or what, but it’s kind of interesting.  She says her retired friends don’t have to set alarms.

I’ve heard her talk about some of her friends being retired.  I don’t understand, Hemingway.  Does that mean they were tired and then got tired all over again?  Why don’t they just stay tired?  Seems silly to get tired again.

Shakespeare, you’re babbling.  I actually feel sorry for her friends who are retired.  From what I understand, a human who is retired doesn’t go to work like Mom does.  That means they can’t get real happy about Fridays ‘cuz every day is pretty much the same.

I would get bored with that.

Me too!  I need variety.  Hey, while she’s at work today maybe I can figure out how to turn on her alarm clock again so she’ll think tomorrow is Friday and she’ll be happy again.

Even though I’m younger, somehow I don’t think that will work.

I guess not.  I’ll just wake her up early the way I usually do.  Let’s go see if she left any treats out by mistake.