Drippy Monday

Hemingway, what was that loud noise this morning?  At first I thought it was you jumping off of Mom’s desk, but even you can’t make that much noise.  Then there was a flash of light like Mom was taking my picture….but I knew it wasn’t her ‘cuz she was still sleeping.  Then that loud noise again.  I looked outside and it was wet everywhere.  I don’t understand.

That’s what they call rain, thunder and lightning.  The only reason I know is ‘cuz I heard that little man in the TV box who talks about the weather.  When I first saw rain I thought there was some big faucet outside that someone had turned on and I wanted to go out and play in it.  Mom told me I wouldn’t like getting that wet and I think she’s right.  I like to put my paws in water and splash but I don’t think I want water all over me!  Ebony doesn’t seem to mind if she goes out in the rain but she’s a dog and doesn’t know better.

Well, I don’t know if I really like the loud noises.  I hope that doesn’t happen too often and I really hope the noises don’t get any louder!  Oh, and I’m sure I wouldn’t want to go out and get all wet.  Just think how stupid my tail would look!  I need to keep my tail dry and fluffy so people will admire it.

You are such a goof, Shakespeare.  My tail is just as pretty and I don’t brag about it all the time.  At least when Mom’s friend visited on Saturday she kept saying that I was elegant!  I think that’s better than having a big tail.

No way!!!

Hey………I think it’s time for a snack and then a nap.  I sure hope you didn’t eat all the food this morning!

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