Are my eyes turning green like yours, Hemingway?

No.  Why would you ask something silly like that?

Well, I’ve been looking outside and those big stick-like things that Mom calls trees used to be brown and black and now they seem to have some green color to them.

Don’t you remember last spring and summer when Mom told you about the leaves coming out on the trees?

No.  I wasn’t even born until the end of March and Mom didn’t bring me home until June.  I was too scared to go outside and look around.  I was much more interested in finding out where the food was and where the litter box was.  I didn’t get any lesson on trees.  It seems like they’ve been brown and black for a REALLY long time!!!!  How long do they get to stay green?

In cat years, I think it’s maybe a couple of hours.  Mom says it’s a few months, but even she’s starting to doubt that now.  Have you heard her complaining about the weather?  She hasn’t been real happy with all the cold and the white stuff that kept falling for so long.  Maybe she’ll be happy now that the sun is shining and she doesn’t have to put on a coat to go outside.

I still think my eyes are turning green…………

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