I don’t know where Hemingway is but the computer is free so I’m going to use it.

Let me tell you about all the exciting sounds I’ve been hearing while Mom is either sleeping or at work.  Sometimes I think she spends too much time at work but I guess she needs to keep working so she can buy us food and treats.  Sometimes I think she spends too much time sleeping but I can do something about that.  I just wake her up!!  Actually, Hemingway does that more than I do, but I’m learning from him.

There are these noisy little chirpy sounds outside Mom’s bedroom window.  I keep jumping up to look outside.  I think I’ve discovered what’s making the noise.  Mom has this wooden thing hanging from the clothespost and there are these little things with long arms that sort of hop around and even fly!  I wish I could fly.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Anyway, I asked Hemingway about those things and he said they’re called birds and that Mom has a house for them on the clothespost.  I don’t think I’d like a house way up in the air like that.  So, those “birds” hang around there and make all sorts of interesting noises.  I get real excited when they start flying.

There are dogs living in the human houses behind us and beside us.  They like to bark and run around and sometimes their noises scare me.  Hemingway’s not scared at all.  In fact, one of his best friends is the dog next door.  He and Champ love to see each other.  Hemingway seems so brave to me!

I also hear lots of small humans making noise across the street.  Mom told me that there are softball diamonds over there and that kids come and play softball.  That has me so confused.  I’ve heard that diamonds are expensive.  Is a “softball diamond” the most expensive or the least?  If it’s really expensive, then how come people don’t steal them?  And how do you play softball?  I have some balls with bells in them and I like to kick them around on the floor.  Sometimes I pick them up and carry them into another room.  Is that anything like playing softball?

I’m getting hungry.  All this thinking is hard.  I just keep getting more and more questions popping up in my head and Mom’s not here right now to explain and of course old Hemingway is sleeping.

Can anyone help me with all these problems?

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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