Bright Light

There’s a really bright light outside today.  Mom says it’s the sun.  She keeps going out in it but she won’t let me go out.  I think I should be able to go outside, too.  She said some stupid thing about seeds and stuff getting caught in my fur ‘cuz they are all over the place.  I’ve been watching some of them fall from the sky and I think it would be great fun to be out there chasing them.  What’s wrong with her?  I know how to clean my fur.  She doesn’t have to do it for me.

Hemingway, what is your problem?  I am very happy with just looking out the window for now.  There are so many scary noises out there.  I’m content to stay where it’s safe.

Mom! There are birds out there!!!

Shakespeare, sometimes you’re so boring.  It’s fun to go outside.  Besides, I see Mom out there digging in the dirt.  How come she gets to do that?  When I would dig in the dirt in the plants that were inside, she would get after me.  I was just looking for all the different colors of dirt in the pot!  Now she’s out there digging in the dirt and nobody’s getting after her.  Humans get to do everything.  It’s just not fair.  If I ever get outside, I’m going to go dig in the dirt!

Here’s proof that I have been outside in the past.

Boy, this picture brings back memories.  That was taken last year and it was the same month that Shakespeare was born so Mom didn’t even know about him then.  Look how happy I am.  Now I have a little brother who keeps bothering me.

Hemingway, I know you love me.  You would be so lonely without me.  That’s why Mom brought me home…so we could keep each other company.

I guess so.  But that still doesn’t answer the question about why Mom gets to dig in the dirt and I don’t!!!!