I Can’t Believe It…..

Quick…..go get the calendar.  Does it say December 24th?  It must be my birthday.  That’s the only explanation I have.


She was out there digging in the dirt.  No, I still don’t know why she gets to do it and I don’t!  Anyway, she was outside and she let me come out.  She actually held the door so I could calmly walk out.  I was afraid she might quickly shut the door as I got near, but she didn’t.  I went outside.  Of course she had Ebony, the dog, come out with me.  I guess she figured if anything happened Ebony would bark.  Doesn’t she know that Ebony barks at invisible things and sounds that are only in her imagination?  Oh well, it doesn’t matter ‘cuz I got to go outside.

The grass was so green and that bright light was shining in the sky making everything warm.  I chased some bugs.  I chewed on some grass. I looked for my buddy Champ.  I was kind of sad that Champ wasn’t outside to see me.  He would have been so surprised that Mom let me go outside.  I had lots of fun exploring things. I didn’t miss Shakespeare at all and I didn’t  look in the windows to see if he was watching me.   I didn’t even make a fuss when Mom said it was time to go inside.

Yes, it was a beautiful night.  Mom let me go outside!!!!   Did you get to go outside and play?

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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