Another Wonderful Day

I don’t think Mom planned on me being outside tonight, but she made the mistake of holding the door open a little too long so I went running out.  She was busy with this big metal thing outside that gets hot.  I think she puts human food in there and cooks it or something.  I don’t want my food cooked but that stuff sure smelled good!

This is my jungle kitty pose. Do I look ferocious?

In the picture above I was watching my buddy Champ.  He was so surprised to see me outside.  He didn’t know that I was out a couple of nights ago.  I wonder if he notices how much I grew over those cold months when I had to be inside.

Hi, I'm Champ and Hemingway is my friend.

I have just one thing to say.  Being outside is stupid.  While Hemingway was outside, Mom gave me treats!  I was soooooooooooo happy!!!

Toys and treats! That's the life!!!!