Dirt and Mud

We got to see Auntie Linda today!!!  She’s Mom’s friend who convinced her to adopt us.

What’s this “we” stuff?  Mom picked me up and I even went outside to greet Auntie Linda.  When Mom and Auntie Linda came in the house, you were hiding out in the other room.  Then when Mom carried you out, you were scrambling like crazy to get down.

You know I don’t like to be held.  It takes away from my independence.  Besides, I let Auntie Linda pet me.  She’s a nice lady.

Yes, but I’ve seen her more times than you.

I don’t care.  She didn’t say your tail was all big and fluffy.

Whatever!  Actually I’m more concerned about the sanity of Mom.


Well, didn’t you see her outside last night digging in the dirt while it was raining?  Do you know what happens to dirt when it gets wet?

No, but I’m betting you’re going to tell me.

I googled it and found out that wet dirt becomes mud and that makes a terrible mess.  So I don’t understand why Mom was out there playing in the mud!

It must be a human thing.

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