Mom Is Acting Strange

Now I’m starting to get  worried about Mom, too.  Last night I heard the rain coming down really hard and Mom went outside in it!! There was even some of those really bright flashes of light and loud noises.  I think Mom should have stayed inside where it’s safe.

What was she doing?

She was moving those little green things  around.  Remember when she was gone with Auntie Linda for a long time yesterday?

Yes.  What does that have to do with Mom in the rain?

Well, I saw that she bought a bunch of those green things that she likes to put in the dirt.  Last night she went out in the rain and moved them.  Do those green things melt in the rain?  I know Mom doesn’t ‘cuz she came back in and she was really wet but she wasn’t melted.

While you were taking a nap today I saw her out there putting some of those green things in the dirt.  I love dirt. 

She should have stayed inside ‘cuz it was raining again today.

I know and while Mom was digging in the dirt (which she doesn’t let me do) she was getting that mud (which I already know is wet dirt) all over her.

How come humans get to get dirty and we kitties have to stay clean?  That’s another thing I don’t understand.

Mom was out in the rain digging in the mud to plant these green things. Humans are so strange!!