Big Trouble

Hemingway, you’re in big trouble now!

Am not!!

Are too!!!  You know Mom gets mad when you pull the towel off that holder thing.

Well, I just figure I’m doing something good for her.

Oh, I can’t wait to hear this.

You know that big box the humans call a television?  Well, I’ve seen humans on there doing all sorts of bending, stretching and dancing.  One human said that was what they do for exercise.


So, I’m helping Mom get her exercise by pulling the towel down ‘cuz then she has to bend down and pick it up.  If I do it lots of times during the day then she gets lots of exercise.

I just don’t understand how you come up with these ideas.

I still think you’re going to be in trouble so just in case, I took some pictures of you in the act so Mom doesn’t blame me!

Shakespeare, you’re a pest.

Am not!

Are too!!!

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