I Hate Suitcases

What did we do?

What’s your problem now, Shakespeare?

Where’s Mom?  I saw her put clothes in one of those bag things and then she left and she hasn’t come back.

Relax.  I looked at the calendar and Mom is busy taking care of some dog whose mother has gone on a trip.  She’s only going to be gone a few days.

But I don’t like it when she’s gone.  I miss Mom!

You just have to grow up and not be afraid.  Uncle Bob will feed us and play with us.

But he doesn’t let us sleep with him.  Does that mean I’m going to have to sleep with you?

No way.  You sleep on the couch and I’ll take the chair.  Your big old fluffy tail gets in my face and makes me sneeze when you’re sleeping by me.  Besides that, when you purr you make too much noise.

Well, you weigh too much and when you step on me it hurts.  I want Mom back home now!!!

Mom……..if you can read this, please hurry ‘cuz Shakespeare is whining again.