We’re Famous!!!!

Mom made us famous!

What does famous mean?

I think it means we get lots of treats and toys and people like us.

Well, famous sounds pretty good to me.  How did Mom do it?

She wrote to the Animal Humane Society and told them how much she loved us and how she was so happy that she adopted us.  She even sent our picture in so people will recognize us.  They have their own website…

Just like us…

Well, their site is lots bigger.  Anyway, they published Mom’s story right away and now we’re famous!

I can’t wait until the treats start flowing in!!!

I’ll tell the people where they can read about us ‘cuz you’ll get it all messed up:


One thought on “We’re Famous!!!!

  1. Hey Hem & Shake…congratulations on making it on the AHS Website! Your picture was great and your mom wrote a pretty darn nice article about you two. When you get so famous that you need a manager, give me a call!


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