The Little Light

Humans are really confusing.  Just about the time I think I have them partially figured out, they go and do something that just makes me scratch my ear.  (I think humans say something about scratching their heads, but as a cat, I know how good it feels to have my ear scratched so I’ll stick with that.)

Mom has this thing by her bed that has numbers on it.  When this one little light is on, then I know that early in the morning that stupid thing is going to make a lot of noise and it’s going to make Mom grumpy.

The past few nights the little light hasn’t been on and when Mom has been home she’s been happy.  Well, last night I noticed the little light was on again.  I got all concerned that Mom was going to be grumpy this morning so I tried to tell her that the little light was on.  I kept waking her up and she just kept telling me to go to sleep.  Sometimes she would turn over so she could see the little light, but it didn’t seem to bother her.  I wanted her to be happy in the morning so I wanted her to make the little light go away.  She just didn’t understand that I was trying to help her.  Why wouldn’t she listen to me?  Why didn’t she take care of that little light?

Hemingway, don’t be waking Mom up again tonight.  We might not get any treats.

Nope…….I just don’t understand.  In my little kitty brain, getting rid of that little light seems to be the best thing to do.  Who invented that little light and why does it make Mom grumpy?

Hemingway………get down from there!  You’re going to break that thing with the numbers on it and Mom’s going to get mad.

Well, if I don’t break it she’ll be grumpy in the morning and if I do break it she’ll just be mad.  I don’t think I can win!!!

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