What’s 103?

Mom says it’s 103 degrees out so we can’t go outside again today.

What’s 103?

I don’t know.  I think it’s a mighty big number ‘cuz even if I used all my toes and all your toes, I don’t think I could count that high.

What’s degrees?

That’s how humans measure how hot it is outside.  The bigger the number, the hotter it is and I think this is extra extra hot.

I had a terrible thought.

Now what?

Well, remember how you said Mom got her hair cut off ‘cuz it was too hot?


What if she decides to cut off our hair if we get too hot?

That’s not going to happen.  I love my shiny black coat and I know you love your big fluffy tail.  Maybe that’s why Mom is making us stay inside so she doesn’t have to do something drastic like that.

I’m beginning to really like staying inside!!!

Doesn't the sunshine make my fur look pretty?
I think I could have great fun if Mom let me out to play in the cottonwood fluff!

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