Sneaking Out

Hemingway, I heard you were very naughty last night.

I suppose Ebony tattled on me.

She said that she was supposed to be going outside for the last time and when Mom opened the door you ran out ahead of her.

I amazed myself at how fast I could move, but compared to Ebony even a rock would be moving faster.  I figured it would be a good time to try sneaking out since Mom was on the phone with her friend and she probably wouldn’t notice.

But she did notice.

She sure did.  She put the phone down really fast and came outside after me.  It was really dark and I wasn’t sure I liked being out there in the dark.  I went into one of the gardens ‘cuz I figured she wouldn’t follow me.  At first she didn’t, but then before I knew it she was right behind me and she picked me up and brought me inside.

Did Ebony even go outside?

Yes, Mom held me while she let Ebony out.

I really like it when Ebony goes out for the last time at night ‘cuz that means we all get treats when she comes back in.  You almost ruined it for all of us!  Mom almost didn’t give any of us treats.

Well, she wouldn’t let us go out when it was 103 so it was much cooler and I figured we should be outside playing.  I think I’m going to have to have a discussion with her about our quality of life.

Hemingway, think back to when we didn’t have homes.  Now we are safe and happy and loved.

I know you’re right………but I really really wanted to go outside again!