We Hate Mondays!!!

Good grief.  Just look outside.  It’s nice and sunny and there are birds and bugs flying around.

There’s also fresh grass to chew.

Here we are on the inside. 

I’ve been trying to sit in the window as much as I can but Mom always shuts her bedroom door so that takes two windows out of my sitting possibilities.

I hate that little light on the thing with the numbers by Mom’s bed.  It was on again this morning so it made that awful noise and Mom finally got up and greeted us.

Yes, but then she left.  Now she’s gone for the whole day!  She will come home and she’ll be tired and she won’t want to let us go outside to play.

Mondays are really awful.  I can see why humans don’t like them.

If cats ruled the world there wouldn’t be Mondays!!!!

Yes, and weekends would be longer!!!