I wonder why there are so many different colors of flowers.

It’s probably so everyone can have a favorite color.  With humans, not everyone likes the same thing so the more colors there are, the more they have to choose from.

I can’t decide which color I like best.

Mom has some pretty pink ones that I like.

Why doesn’t Mom bring flowers in the house?

Well, it’s partially my fault.  I just always want to get a closer look at them so I sort of accidentally pull them out of their containers and then water sometimes falls all over the place.

Why can’t you leave them alone?

I’m a cat.  I’m curious!

I suppose Mom figures if she tries to bring in flowers again you’ll teach me how to pull them out and get water all over the place.

I’m sure Mom knows that you can figure that out all on your own.

I sure do like all the pretty colors.  Is it almost time for Mom to come home?  I’m ready for some treats.  All this thinking has made me hungry.