Off to Camp?

Mom says I should go to football camp.

What’s that?

I don’t know, but it sounds fun.  I do know that football is a game that mostly the male humans play.  I have no idea what camp is and why I should go.

You must have done something!

Well, I think it all started yesterday.

You were bad!!!

I don’t think I was that bad.  It’s just that I really really wanted to go outside so every time Uncle Bob opened the door, I was right there sort of under his feet.

According to him there was nothing “sort of” about it.  You were in the way!

Maybe……….anyway, one time the door stayed open just a bit too long so I managed to get outside.

Uncle Bob was mad!

I know, so I figured I should stay out there until he got over being mad.  I was lucky ‘cuz after a bit, Mom came home and was she ever surprised to see me outside!  I let her pick me up and bring me back inside, but Uncle Bob was still mad.

Well, maybe things would have calmed down but then you managed to get outside again one time when Mom opened the door.

That was my really tricky move.  She saw me heading for the door so she kind of moved, but I very quickly changed directions so she would think I had given up and then when she wasn’t looking, I changed directions again and headed out the door.

So where does the football fit in all this?

Mom said that I was excellent at doing tricky football moves and maybe I should play for the Vikings and help them win more.

What are the Vikings?  Are they cats or dogs?

Remember I told you that mostly male humans like to play football?

Yes…but it’s hard for me to concentrate ‘cuz I’m hungry.

As usual…anyway,  that’s the name of a football team from Minnesota….the Vikings.

Oh, going to camp sounds stupid to me………unless they have bread.

Shakespeare, you have a one-track mind.

I can’t help it!  Isn’t it almost time for dinner?

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