Now you did it, Hemingway!

It wasn’t just me.

Mom didn’t look very happy when she saw we were in the driveway on the other side of the gate.

I know.  I wanted to play “catch me if you can” with her, but I had the feeling she would really get mad, so I “let” her pick me up after a very short game.

You shouldn’t have played the game at all.

I know.  Mom told us that we shouldn’t go on the other side of the gate ‘cuz it’s dangerous.  I think we had her pretty worried when she saw us out there.

I wonder if she’ll ever let us go out again?

I know she was excited to see about thirty minutes of sunshine today and she wanted to share it with us.  Even Champ’s mom came over to talk to us.

I feel bad that we got her worried.

Me too.

But did you notice that she brought in some fresh catnip for us?  I think she felt bad that she got so upset with us.

Getting upset just isn’t a good thing, I guess………..unless you follow it up with some catnip!