Now you did it, Hemingway!

It wasn’t just me.

Mom didn’t look very happy when she saw we were in the driveway on the other side of the gate.

I know.  I wanted to play “catch me if you can” with her, but I had the feeling she would really get mad, so I “let” her pick me up after a very short game.

You shouldn’t have played the game at all.

I know.  Mom told us that we shouldn’t go on the other side of the gate ‘cuz it’s dangerous.  I think we had her pretty worried when she saw us out there.

I wonder if she’ll ever let us go out again?

I know she was excited to see about thirty minutes of sunshine today and she wanted to share it with us.  Even Champ’s mom came over to talk to us.

I feel bad that we got her worried.

Me too.

But did you notice that she brought in some fresh catnip for us?  I think she felt bad that she got so upset with us.

Getting upset just isn’t a good thing, I guess………..unless you follow it up with some catnip!

2 thoughts on “Busted!!

    1. Catnip for us is like a hot fudge milkshake for our Mom. She smiles when she drinks one and we smile when we sniff catnip and chew on it. For you it would probably be a chew stick. It’s something we love but we don’t get all the time. We could send you some……… Well, maybe we couldn’t do that ‘cuz we’re not allowed out of the yard to get stamps and we can’t reach the mailbox.

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