Hemingway, I have two questions.

Only two?  What’s the problem?

Why is Mom not at work today and why is she sitting outside all wet?

Mom told Uncle Bob that she gets today off because of the Fourth of July.

She didn’t get time off because of the Fourth of June.  Will she get time off for the Fourth of August, too?

Shakespeare, sometimes it’s so hard to talk to you.  The Fourth of July is a special celebration for the United States.  Before you ask, we live in Minnesota and that’s part of the United States.  Anyway, the humans get time off from work to celebrate the freedom that our country has.

How come you know so much?

I surf the internet!

So why is Mom all wet?  Remember, that was my other question.

She told me this morning she was going for a walk and that I couldn’t go outside ‘cuz it was a billion degrees out there.

Why did she get to go out then?

Well, she doesn’t have a big fur coat on like we do.

But she’s all wet!

Shakespeare, I’m trying to explain.  When we fur people get hot we stick our tongues out and pant.

Oh yeah……..I’ve done that!

Anyway, humans don’t do that.  They sweat….or get all wet.  It’s good they don’t have fur coats on ‘cuz their fur would get all wet and dirty.  Mom took a long walk in the heat so now she’s sweating.

She can come inside where it’s cool.

I know.  That’s what I don’t understand.  I guess it’s a Mom thing.

2 thoughts on “Hot

  1. Hi Hemingway and Shakespeare…well, you are not the only ones stuck inside today. My human won’t let me out because it’s raining and I love to get all wet and play in the puddles. I’m gonna go back to bed…
    your paw pal,

    1. Roxi,
      Sometimes our humans just don’t understand that we need to go outside and explore so we can make sure the house is safe. Maybe we should lock our humans in their rooms!
      Your Furry Friends,
      Hemingway and Shakespeare

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