Oh no!!!!  Mom pulled out that big bag again.  Know what that means?

It means she’s going to leave us again.  When she puts her clothes and things in that big bag, then she disappears for a few days.

I looked at the calendar and she has a note on it about taking care of that dog named Roz again.  I don’t like it when she leaves us for a dog!

I don’t mind too much as long as Uncle Bob remembers to feed us.  However, I’m always glad to see Mom come home again.

Well, I did a couple of things tonight so she won’t forget me.


When we were outside I caught a bird and I was carrying it around the yard so I could go show Champ and Mom made me drop it.  She took it away from me and told me she wasn’t happy.  I really don’t understand ‘cuz my birth Mom and Dad told me when I got big I was supposed to be a hunter.  I’m a little confused, but at least I know Mom won’t forget me now.

What else did you do?

She had a big cup of cold milk and I knocked it over.

That was you?  I just happened to come along and see milk all over the place so I started helping Mom clean it up.  I really like milk.

I don’t like milk so after I knocked the cup over, I got out of there.

You really are pushing your luck, but I don’t think you need to worry about Mom forgetting you!

Maybe I can squeeze into that big bag and go with Mom………..