Mom Tried to Fool Us

Why is Mom still here?

That’s what I wanted to know.  She got out that big bag and told us she was going to go stay with that dog but she’s still here.

Was she playing a trick on us to see how we would behave?

Could be.  I know that’s definitely a Mom thing.  She did finally explain to me that she didn’t need to go stay with the dog after all so she could stay home with us.

Good thing we weren’t too naughty this time.

I’m never naughty.  I was really concerned about Mom last night.

Excuse me!  I just had to roll over on the floor and laugh ‘cuz you said you’re never naughty!

Hush and let me tell you about last night.  Mom let Ebony outside and then she went out with her to make sure she didn’t start barking.

Nothing keeps Ebony from barking!

I know.  Anyway, I think Mom wanted to sit outside for a bit and relax in the dark.

That’s no fun.  You can’t see all the flying things and creeping things around you so you don’t have anything to chase.

Stop talking and listen.  Mom was out there for a little while and then I heard her saying, “Cool!”  She said it several times as she walked around on the deck.  At first I thought she was excited about finding some cool air, but then she kept saying it even when she came in the house.

What was going on?

I asked Mom about it and she said she saw some “lightning bugs” out in the back yard.

What are those?

I guess they’re just bugs that light up in the night-time.  It’s like they have their own headlights so they can see where they’re going.  Mom said she hasn’t seen any around the yard for years so she was super excited.

Do you think she’ll let us go outside tonight and watch for them?

You know Mom doesn’t let us out when it’s dark.

Ok.  Is it time for treats yet?

2 thoughts on “Mom Tried to Fool Us

    1. Mom saw some more last night. She said it was kind of funny to look in one direction and see lightning bugs and then to turn around her and see real lightning in the sky. She wouldn’t let us come out and watch! We could have so much fun chasing those lightning bugs!!!

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