Was there a big army of those “lightning bugs” circling the house and pounding on drums last night?


Was it the Fourth of July again?

No…….and why are you asking such stupid questions?

I’m just trying to learn!  There was lots of loud noise and the sky kept lighting up with bright lights.  It woke me up!

Oh, that was what humans call a thunder-storm.  You’ve seen them before.  The loud noise is called thunder and it happens after there is a bright flash of light, which is called lightning.  Then most of the time there’s lots of rain, like last night.

I think I was confused ‘cuz I had been sleeping so hard.  I think I know how to tell when it’s not the Fourth of July and there’s loud noise and bright lights.


It’s only on the Fourth of July that those bright lights are all different pretty colors.

Good thinking, but you have to remember that those pretty colored bright lights are made by firecrackers and sometimes humans light those off for other reasons.  Are you going to think it’s the Fourth of July every time someone sets one off.

Probably.  I’m a cat and I can think what I want!