Manicures and Pedicures

Hemingway, do you let Mom cut your nails?

Yes, why?

Doesn’t it hurt?

No.  Besides, it gives me some special time with Mom.

She told me my nails have to be cut and I don’t like that.  You know I don’t want anyone holding me or trying to make me stay still.

Well, if you don’t let Mom do it, then she will have to take you to the Doctor Lady’s House so someone else can cut them.

I don’t want to go there.  I like the Doctor Lady but I don’t like her house.  It’s scary and it has funny smells and strange noises.  Don’t these feet look pretty as they are?

You aren’t showing your nails in that picture!  Besides, my feet are prettier than yours are.  See……

You look like you’re wearing big white fluffy slippers.

Mom’s taking Ebony to the Doctor Lady’s House tonight so she can get her nails cut.  Maybe you should go along.

No way!!!!  I’m going to chew my nails!

I don’t think Mom wants you to do that.