Humans Are Strange

I really don’t understand humans.

Neither do I.

Sometimes they make no sense at all when they’re talking.

I know……but what brought this on?

Mom said we have ants in our pants.

What?  You must have heard wrong.

Nope.  That’s what she said.  In the first place neither of us wear pants.

I wouldn’t even want to wear pants.  They would cover up my pretty fur.

Well, even if we did wear pants, why on earth would we want to put ants in them?  Aren’t ants those little bugs we chase around outside?

Yes.  I like to pounce on them but then they stop moving.

That’s because your big feet squash them!

I still don’t know why Mom thinks we would put ants in our pants.  Maybe later I can look it up on the internet.

It must be another one of those Mom things.

Let’s go find some toys to play with.  If anyone out there knows why Mom thinks we should wear pants and why we should put ants in them, please let us know!