When’s Winter Coming?

Don’t you wish you had my fur?

Not at all.  You have way too much fur.

But at least my fur isn’t black.  I have nice light-colored fur and even though there’s lots of it, I don’t get that uncomfortable.  Aren’t you hot?

Hotter than an erupting volcano.  I don’t know what to do.  When Mom gets hot she wears shorts and t-shirts. 

You don’t want to start wearing clothes, do you???

No.  You always interrupt me.  It’s just that Mom can put on fewer clothes and that helps her stay a little cooler.  I would need to remove this heavy black fur coat that I have on and I don’t think that’s possible.

I bet if you went to the Doctor Lady’s House they would shave off that heavy fur coat for you.  I’ll call and make an appointment.

You are no help at all.  You just want me to look ridiculous.  All I want is to get a little cooler.

Let’s go down in the basement and take a nap.

Just stay away from that phone!