What does that mean?

Thank Goodness It’s Food!

Oh it does not!  You’re just trying to get me all excited and it’s not going to work.  There’s still some food in the dish so I know it’s not time for treats.   Besides, Mom is at work.

Well, I just wanted to see if you were listening.  You’ve been kind of sleepy lately.

I  think all this hot weather did me in.  The fans that Uncle Bob set up helped and of course going down into the basement felt pretty good, but I really wanted to go outside and everyone kept telling me it was too hot.

Maybe if I search on the internet I can find out why it had to get so hot and humid this week.  I don’t remember last summer being this bad.  You were still pretty little so I know you didn’t notice.

Maybe everyone turned on their ovens and opened the doors and that’s what made it so hot.

That might be the answer!

Ok humans…………turn off your ovens.  We’re too hot!!!

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