Cat Days of Summer

Yawn………….these are the “cat days of summer”.

What do you mean by that?

It’s hot and I’m lazy.

You’re lazy even when it’s not hot!

I’m going to tell Mom that you can’t say anything nice and then she won’t let you have any catnip.

Sorry.  I guess I just get a little cranky when it’s so hot and humid.

So does Mom!!!

But what made you come up with the “cat days of summer”?  Where did you hear it?

Actually, I think humans call it “dog days of summer” but that just didn’t seem right.  Why should dogs get top billing?  Anyway, when you were sleeping I looked up some information on the internet.  Many, many, many human years ago, people could see more stars in the night sky and they noticed that Sirius, the “dog star”, was the brightest and in ancient times they thought the heat from that star transferred to the sun because during the summer Sirius rises and sets with the sun.

Way too much information for my little brain!

I guess I got carried away with my research.  I still like to call them the “cat days of summer” ‘cuz humans could think of fluffy kitties lying upside down, all stretched out, purring contentedly.  Do dogs purr?  No, they bark.  So if you call them the “dog days of summer” you think of a drooling dog barking and shedding. 

Humans………Hemingway and I want to start a campaign to call them the “cat days of summer” and suggest that humans just lie in hammocks, drinking cold water with some catnip leaves, humming (since you humans don’t purr), and just relaxing during the heat and humidity.

And no barking!

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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