We’ve Got So Much to Learn

Know what tonight is?

It’s Tuesday night and it’s too early for treats.

You always have food on the brain.  It’s “National Night Out”.

What does that mean?  Why aren’t we outside?  Does everyone go out?  Why didn’t Mom tell us about this?  Does that mean that everyone stays outside all night?  I would get scared when it got dark.  I don’t think that’s a good idea.

I listened to the news tonight and they talked about it so I know a little more than you do and if you’ll stop talking and listen, you’ll learn something.

You’re older so you’re supposed to know more so you can teach me.

Right!  Anyway, this is the night where humans get together with their neighbors.  They usually have food…..

Now I’m REALLY upset that I didn’t know about this!

As I was saying……..they get together and talk about safety and how to keep their neighborhoods safe from the bad guys.  They learn how to protect each other.

That sounds like a great idea!

I was thinking that if all the pets on this block got together for a “Night Out”, we could help the humans keep the neighborhood safe.  We could practice our growling and barking techniques and learn how to keep all the bad animals away.

And we could have food!!!

Whatever.  I’m going to tell Mom about my idea.

We fur people like being safe, too!