Scratching and Other Thoughts

One of our favorite things is our scratching post.

We play with it so much that it is wearing out.

That’s your fault.  You’re too rough with it.

Am not!  I just want to stretch my toes and sharpen my claws.  Besides, Mom says it’s a good thing to exercise.

Then you should have her get you a treadmill.

You’re really not being very nice today.  Why are you so crabby?

I think it’s just because it’s too hot and I’m tired of wearing this heavy fur coat.  If I start shedding my coat I know Mom will get upset ‘cuz she doesn’t like to see hair all over the place.

She’s been brushing me lots lately and I like it but you move around too much and it’s hard for her to brush you.

Maybe I’ll try standing still a couple of times.  Does it really feel good to be brushed?

Oh yes!!!  Mom gets out some of that loose hair I have and then I don’t have to worry about swallowing it when I’m grooming myself.

I never thought about that!

Hey…… did we get from the scratching post to talking about being brushed?

Who knows?  Shall we show the humans how cute we are with our worn out scratching post?

Sure.  Maybe someone will buy us a new one!

Some days it's just too hot to scratch!
I have been kind of hard on our scratching post!

2 thoughts on “Scratching and Other Thoughts

  1. Nika’s suggestion is to put the new post on Hemingway’s and Shekspire’s Christmas list. She already started hers 🙂

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