I heard things are going to be falling soon.

What are you talking about?

Mom said fall is coming.  Does that mean all of us fall down?

No.  Fall is one of the seasons and it is supposed to come after summer and before winter.  However, some humans claim that in Minnesota some years winter comes right after summer!

But why is it called fall?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the leaves fall off the trees.

Oh no!!!!  I’m not liking this at all.  What happens to the branches?  Do they fall down too?  Then does the whole tree fall down?  We’re all going to be crunched!

Will you calm down? Don’t you remember last year?  I know you were still pretty little but I’m sure you noticed that outside the leaves turned different colors and then they fell to the ground.  Don’t you remember Mom complaining about all the raking she had to do?  She had to get the leaves off the ground before the snow came.  I’m not too clear on why humans think they have to do that, though.

Where do the leaves go?

They go to a resting place and then when winter is over the birds fly around and glue them back on the trees.

You’re trying to confuse me! 

Is it working?

Well, I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about falling down.  I think that would hurt.

Have you been into the catnip again?  You are really goofy today.

Maybe…………but Mom still loves me!