Old Dogs and Tricks

Hey Shakespeare, have you heard that human phrase that says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

No.  Why do I want to teach any dog tricks?

I don’t know…but I was thinking about that last night.  Ebony is old but she still seems to be learning new things.  She didn’t use to eat her supper outside and now she’s learned to do that.


Well, it’s just making me wonder if they say that about cats, too.  I think we’re pretty smart and I think we can learn tricks any old time we want to.  It’s just that most times we think it’s stupid to do tricks.

You do a trick to get your treats.

That’s different.  I know it makes Mom happy when I sit up and beg for my treats.

I think it’s stupid.

Well, go ahead and think that but at least Mom pays lots of attention to me when I do that.

Why are you asking me about old dogs and tricks?

In December I will be turning two.  I’m just wondering if that means I’m getting old.

I don’t think so.  You’re still lots younger than Mom.

I think everyone’s younger than Mom.

Boy are you ever going to be in trouble!!!!  If Mom sees this she probably won’t give you any treats even if you beg.  I’m going to get away from this computer before Mom thinks I’m the one talking about her being old.

I think I may have put my paw in my mouth this time!  Where’s the delete button?  Quick!!!  I need to get this off the screen before Mom……………………

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