It’s Not Fair!

Shakespeare, what are you having a fit about now?

I’m old enough to go outside and play.


So why doesn’t Mom let me out?

She has been letting you out.  We were outside playing last night.  Don’t you remember how you went over to the fence to meet Champ?

That was LAST night!!!  What about tonight?

Well, I’m not sure why Mom didn’t let us go out and play tonight.  I will admit I was kind of upset, too.

It’s not fair!  Mom gets to go outside every day but we don’t.  When will we be old enough to go outside when we want?

I have a feeling that’s not going to happen.  Mom doesn’t want anything bad to happen to us so if she doesn’t have time to check on us, I don’t think we get to go outside.

How about if I keep track of you and you keep track of me?  Do you think Mom might let us go out more then?

She might.

Ok, I’m going to find just the right time to try to sell her on this great idea!  Hey, do you think other fur people have this problem?

I don’t know, why?

Well, maybe some of our readers are fur people and they can let us know if they get to go outside whenever they want to.

So ask them!

What about it?  Any of you fur people out there care to give us an answer???