Strange Noises

Hemingway!  You scared me to death!!!!

What do you mean?

Well, we were both just enjoying a nice evening lying by the front door.  We could see the world outside and even though I wasn’t actually outside, I could pretend I was ‘cuz I could feel the breeze.

That was kind of fun, wasn’t it?  I love it when Mom opens the door for us.  The windows just aren’t the same.  There’s something special about being able to stare out the door.

I could see some birds flying around and those little things that are all different colors.

Those are butterflies.

It was such a nice time and then you had to spoil it.

How did I spoil it?

You saw that other cat outside and you made a really terrible noise!!!

Oh, that’s right.  HA!  I didn’t know I could make a noise like that!  I think I surprised myself.  I noticed you went running away to hide.

I had to.  You scared me.  You even looked strange.

Mom was laughing at me ‘cuz she said I had a “Mohawk”.  I didn’t know what she was talking about and then she told me that my fur was standing straight up along my spine.  She kept petting me to get me to calm down.

Why did you get so upset?

That cat doesn’t belong in our territory.  I was just trying to protect you and Mom.

Well, next time could you be a little more gentle about it?  I had to stay in hiding until late in the night.  I think Mom was concerned that I might never come out again.

You’re just too wimpy at times.

Well, you’re just too big and loud at times.

Let’s go see if it’s time for Mom to get home yet.  Maybe she’ll let us play outside tonight.

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