We Can Train Humans!

We finally know what we want to be when we grow up!

We’re so excited about it and it makes perfect sense.

We’re going to be “human trainers” and teach them how to let us fur people do the things we want to do.

Hemingway, why are those people out there laughing?

I don’t know, but I still say we have a good idea.

We sure do.  We’re training Mom and she’s a stubborn human so that means we can probably train all humans.

Let us give you an example.  Both Shakespeare and I love to go outside…

I can’t wait to get outside!!!!

Hmmmmm……now if I could only train you to be quiet.


Anyway, we put on our most adorable faces and greet Mom at the door when she comes home from work.  She’s always so glad to see us and usually she gives us a treat right away.

I love treats!

Well, tonight she looked at us and asked us if we wanted to go outside.  Imagine that!  First thing she talks to us about is going outside instead of asking us if we wanted treats.  We were so surprised and happy.  We still wanted treats but we really wanted to go outside.

We’ve been able to go outside four days in a row now.  That’s almost one paw-full!!

So, for any of you fur people out there who are reading this, we just want to let you know that we are available for “human training”.  We’ll try to keep our prices down….

Until we become famous!!!

Shakespeare, you are such a dreamer.

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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