A Whole Paw-full!!!!

Mom let us go outside again tonight so that means five days in a row and that’s a whole paw-full!  Next stop……TWO paws-full!!

Shakespeare, what happens if Mom lets us out for bunches and bunches of days in a row?  Are you going to keep count?

Sure.  Why not?

What happens if you run out of paws?

I’ll use your paws.

I only have four paws so then what?

We can use our tails to count.  Then we can use our ears.  Then maybe we can even use our whiskers.

You have this all planned, don’t you?

Sure do.

Well, if we use all of our paws, our tails, our ears and even our whiskers for counting, by that time it will be winter and we won’t want to go outside and I don’t think Mom would let us out anyway.

Ok, I need a treat so I can think about this more.  I still think it’s good to try to make it two paws-full.  Maybe I can write a song about that.

You can’t even sing.

Can to!