A Whole Paw-full!!!!

Mom let us go outside again tonight so that means five days in a row and that’s a whole paw-full!  Next stop……TWO paws-full!!

Shakespeare, what happens if Mom lets us out for bunches and bunches of days in a row?  Are you going to keep count?

Sure.  Why not?

What happens if you run out of paws?

I’ll use your paws.

I only have four paws so then what?

We can use our tails to count.  Then we can use our ears.  Then maybe we can even use our whiskers.

You have this all planned, don’t you?

Sure do.

Well, if we use all of our paws, our tails, our ears and even our whiskers for counting, by that time it will be winter and we won’t want to go outside and I don’t think Mom would let us out anyway.

Ok, I need a treat so I can think about this more.  I still think it’s good to try to make it two paws-full.  Maybe I can write a song about that.

You can’t even sing.

Can to!

4 thoughts on “A Whole Paw-full!!!!

  1. Shakespeare, did you really use the “w” word? I don’t even want to think about it. Snow in between your paw pads. Slipping on the ice. No thanks. Enjoy your time outside, and don’t worry about counting how many days you get to go out, just enjoy the days as they happen.

    1. Just ‘cuz I’m the littlest one I always get blamed for everything. Hemingway is the one who used the “w” word. I know Mom hates it so I won’t say it ‘cuz if Mom gets mad, we don’t get treats. I bet ‘cuz you have feathers you don’t like the what the “w” word means either. Maybe we should see if we can get humans to eliminate that word! By the way, Mom let us go outside again tonight and it was so much fun. Thanks for writing to me.

  2. I apologize humbly for accusing you of using that horrible word, Shakespeare. I hope you will forgive me. By the way, I, Ravenwings, am the human that belongs to Feisty and Shadow, the birds. I dislike the “w” word, because of the danger it brings. I love the “w” word because of the beauty it brings to the world, with its white, and the stark landscape of the bare trees. The birds in our flock do not have much to dislike about the season, because they do not ever go outside. They are warm and safe inside at all times.

    By the way, can Feisty and Shadow be friends with you, even if they are birds? I know it is not natural for birds and cats to be friends, but I think at a distance it will be OK. They like to have friends outside the flock, and as long as there is not a face to face meeting, they would like to continue writing to you guys. Will that be OK?

    1. Nice to meet you Ravenwings! We really enjoy meeting the humans that belong to our fin, fur and feather friends. We don’t care if our friends are birds, dogs or even other kitties. Of course if they come into our territory, we get a little upset. We love chatting with our friends on the computer. Thanks for the notes!

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