I Was Naughty…

Shakespeare, you are in a lot of trouble!!!

I know.  I feel really bad.

Mom was nice enough to let us outside when she got home from work and you blew it.   Why wouldn’t you come in when she called?

Well, I heard her talking to Champ’s Dad and she told him that we were never let outside when it was dark.  I guess I wanted to know why.  I saw Mom take you inside and I figured I would stay out until it got dark just so I could see what happens.

You were out almost until it got dark.

I got scared.  That big light in the sky that humans call the sun started falling down and then it started getting kind of dark.  I started thinking about my clean water dish, my food, my treats and my soft bed.  It was scary outside when it started getting dark.

Mom was worried about you and so was I.  You were outside for a very long time.  I kept going to the windows and the doors to see if you were there.

I heard Mom coming outside quite a few times, too.

See, Mom just wants us to be safe.  You never know what might be out there in the dark.  It’s much better to be safely inside with our food and toys and Mom.

If Mom reads this, she might want you to list her first!

Shakespeare, being cute isn’t going to help you now.  You were naughty!

I'm sorry, Mom!