Are we responsible for the fur-uh-kane?  I swear I had nothing to do with it!

What are you talking about now, Shakespeare?

The fur-uh-kane.  They keep talking about it on the news.

Do you mean hurricane?

Maybe.  What is it?

That is something that happens in the weather and it’s not good.  It brings lots of wind and rain and can cause lots of damage.  The hurricane you keep hearing about is out on the East Coast right now.

Is that close to us?


I wouldn’t like it, would I?

No way.  You know how scared you get when there’s some wind here?   Well, that’s nothing compared to the wind in a hurricane.   When Mom was a little girl she lived in Florida and she said they were in hurricanes down there.  She didn’t like it.

I was afraid it had something to do with us leaving fur all over the place, especially when we are wrestling.  Hey……..I just thought of another reason we couldn’t be blamed.  You said it was a “her-a-cane” and we’re both boy kitties so it can’t be our fault.