We’re Having a Potluck…….or Maybe Not

Shakespeare, have you ever heard of a potluck?

No.  What is it?

I’m not sure.  Let’s see if we can figure it out.

I know Mom keeps pots and pans in that one cupboard.

But what does luck have to do with it?

Maybe if you get all the food in the pot humans say it’s good luck and so they call it potluck.

Sounds logical to me.  Humans are always coming up with strange things.

What made you ask about it?

Mom didn’t come home from work right away tonight ‘cuz she said she was going to a potluck at church.

Why didn’t we get to go?

I think it was only for humans.

Maybe we could have our own potluck here.

Hey, that’s a great idea.

We can grab a pot and fill it with our food and Ebony’s food and then invite Champ over to join us.

Do you know how to open the containers where the food is stored?


Let’s go look out the window instead.


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