My Horrible, Terrible, Awful, Couldn’t Be Worse Day

Do you humans have to go to the doctor’s house?

Do you like going to the doctor?

Let me tell you about my day.  First of all, I got shut in Mom’s room all day!  I don’t know why I had to stay in there but I wasn’t happy.  Oh sure, I had my litter box, my water and my food, but I didn’t have my toys, I didn’t have Hemingway to wrestle with, and I only had TWO windows!!!!  Mom went to the doctor’s house a couple of weeks ago and I don’t remember her staying in her room all day first.  It just isn’t fair that you humans think you can change the rules for us fur people.

Anyway, when Mom got home from work I told her what I thought!  Why was she digging in my litter box?  She acted like she was looking for something.  I fooled her.  I didn’t leave any big surprises in there.

Next thing I knew, Mom was trying to stuff me into this round thing that I used to play in.  It took her several tries ‘cuz I kept sending my feet and legs in all different directions at once.  After my horrible day being shut up, I wasn’t going to go calmly.  Mom finally won and got me in the round thing and then she took me out to the car.  I never said I wanted to go for a ride!  Why did she think I wanted to do that?  I wanted to play outside.

It wasn’t long and she stopped the car and picked me up and took me inside a strange building.  She told me it was the doctor’s house and I didn’t need to be afraid.  Easy for her to say.  She wasn’t shut in a room all day and then forced into a little round bag  There were some nice ladies at a big desk and they seemed to remember me.  I don’t remember them, but I was a really little kitty the last time I was there.

It seemed like forever and then Mom was carrying me into another room.  Here’s where it gets really scary.  This guy came in and Mom said he wasn’t the doctor man.  Well, why did she let him take my temperature, check my teeth and feel my tummy?  Does she think it’s ok for just anyone to do that?  The doctor man finally came in and I knew it was the real doctor ‘cuz I read somewhere that they wear white.  He talked to Mom about me and said that I was a very healthy kitty.  I found out that I weigh a little over 13 pounds and the doctor man said that was a good weight for me ‘cuz I’m such a big kitty.  I always thought I was small ‘cuz Hemingway is so big.  I guess Hemingway is a giant after all.

Mom said she was real proud of me ‘cuz when the doctor man gave me some shots I didn’t scream, scratch or try to run away.  In fact, I didn’t even move.  I figured if I moved he might give me more so I just stayed put.  Then Mom said she wanted him to cut my nails.  That wasn’t nice.  I had my nails all nice and pointy sharp and now they’re short and dull.  Did Mom’s doctor cut her nails?  See, once again it’s an unfair thing for fur people.

Finally it was time to go home and I couldn’t wait to get back inside my house.  I didn’t even ask Mom if I could go out and play.  I think I need a nap.