I’m Amazing

Hey, guess what?  I have supernatural powers.  After my awful, horrible, terrible day on Thursday, that night while Mom was sleeping I used my mental powers to get into her dreams and suggest that she lock Hemingway in the room for a change.  It worked!!!!!  Of course Uncle Bob was home and he discovered Hemingway was shut in Mom’s room so he let him out.  Hemingway didn’t have to stay in Mom’s room as long as I did, but he didn’t have his litter box, food or water so I guess he felt deprived enough.

You didn’t make that happen!

Did too.

No, Mom was just distracted when she left for work ‘cuz she was thinking about other things.

Yes, she was thinking about shutting you in her room for the day.

Shakespeare, don’t tell me you’re still mad that you had to go to the doctor man and I didn’t.  You seem to have conveniently forgotten that I had to go to the doctor’s house a few months ago.

I was probably sleeping when you left.  But I still say I have magical powers.

Fine.  Now get out of the way so I can see outside.

2 thoughts on “I’m Amazing

  1. Shakespeare, I believe in your magical powers. I bet that right now if you went up to your Mom and rubbed against her ankles, she’d give you a good rub, and maybe if you do it just right, she’d pick you up and pet you!!

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