We Keep Trying

What’s choir practice?

I think that’s where a bunch of humans get together and sing.  Why?

Mom said we couldn’t go outside tonight after work ‘cuz she has to go to choir practice.

I don’t think that’s a valid excuse!

Why can’t we go to choir practice?

Yeah……we can sing!

We would do a great job.

Mom says the humans sing different parts in choir.  Do you know what a part is?

I thought it was something humans did with their hair.

This is getting too confusing.

I still don’t think it’s fair that Mom can go out tonight and we can’t.  There ought to be a law!

Let’s make our own laws.

OK!!!  First law is:

Kitties get treats when the Mom gets home and then they get to go outside.

All in favor say yes!


Think it will work?