It’s Friday!!!

I’m soooooooooo happy!  Mom gets to stay home for two days now and I’m sure that means she plans on letting us outside to play for really long times.

We can only hope.  Did you see that the church across the street has a festival this weekend?

What’s a festival?

It’s like a big party outside.

Hey, I think I know what else it is.  Festival sounds like feast and feast means lots of food!  There’s going to be lots of food over there, right?

I think so.  Mom said we would be able to smell all sorts of things tomorrow.

Smell?  I want to eat!!!  Do you think we can go over there?

I doubt it.  Mom said there are going to be lots of people and lots of cars and we could get stepped on or hit.

That wouldn’t be any good at all.  I have an idea!!!

I’m sure you do.

What if we told all the people to jump up in the air at the same time?    Then while they’re all off the ground we could run around and check things out.

You have the strangest ideas.  I think you’ve been watching too many movies.

Well, what if we told all the humans to climb up in the trees so we could explore?

That might work but I’m sure there are some humans who would be afraid to climb the trees and they would still be walking around and our tails could get stepped on.

So the best idea is to stay home and let Mom feed us?

Works for me!  Except there’s one problem.


Did you see the picture that Mom found?  She said it made her laugh right out loud.

What was it?

It was two rather chunky dogs running like crazy and they looked rather funny.   Mom said it made her think of me and if I’m not careful I could end up looking like that.

You’re going to look like a dog?

Not exactly.  I think Mom meant that I might get too big to run gracefully.  Before I go to see the doctor man again I better get my furry body back into a lean mean machine.

Want to see if Mom has any treats?

Sure.  I can exercise tomorrow.  Oh, here’s the picture that Mom was laughing about:

Do you think a face-lift would help?

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