We Confused Mom!

It really doesn’t take much to confuse Mom on Mondays.

Or any other day!

You better be careful.  If she reads this, you’re going to be in big trouble!!

Anyway, we got her kind of confused tonight.  When she came home from work, she fed Ebony out on the deck, gave us our treats inside and then asked us if we wanted to go outside to explore.

We were more than ready to go running out the back door.

However, there was something wrong.

I didn’t notice it when I ran outside, but Shakespeare did and he was real slow about going out the door.

You better tell the people why, so they don’t think I’m just a scaredy-cat.  I have legitimate reasons for being scared.

Normally outside every now and then there is this wet stuff that falls from the sky and helps keep the grass and catnip green.

I love catnip…….

We haven’t had any of that wet stuff here for a long time and everything is starting to look kind of brown and ugly.  Mom likes to keep the flowers growing so she puts this thing out in the yard that makes a strange noise and sends that wet stuff flying all over the place.

We don’t like that!

No, I really don’t like to get wet so I try to find the places in the yard where that thing can’t reach me.  Tonight it was kind of hard ‘cuz there’s lots of wind and that just blows that wet stuff even further.

Why did Mom have to turn it on before we went outside?

I don’t know.  I thought she would wait until we were back inside.

I think that was kind of a mean thing for Mom to do.

Now you know you don’t mean that!  If Mom didn’t have that wet-making thing out there, our catnip wouldn’t grow and we wouldn’t have any.

I guess you’re right.

Anyway, we confused Mom ‘cuz we only spent about five minutes outside tonight and we both came to the door to be let back inside.  She didn’t have to call us and she didn’t have to chase us.

We are such good kitties!!!

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