Who Opened the Refrigerator Door?

I just want to ask all the humans out there one thing.

Oh, this should really be good!

Who left the refrigerator door open?

What are you talking about?

Have you stuck your nose outside at all today?

You know Mom doesn’t let us go outside on Wednesday nights ‘cuz she has to go practice singing in the choir.

I wonder if she’ll ever get those notes right?

You’re going off the subject again.  What about the refrigerator door?

Well, I think that’s what happened ‘cuz it’s cold outside!!!  I was sitting in the window and it was a little bit open so I could feel the cold air.  Therefore, I figured lots of humans must have left their refrigerator doors open so all the cold air could escape.

Wouldn’t that ruin all the food inside?

Probably, but can you give me another reason why it suddenly got cold outside?

I’m too tired to think about that now.  Let’s go crawl under the covers on Mom’s bed.

Ok………….but you humans better shut those refrigerator doors!  We don’t like it when it’s cold.

2 thoughts on “Who Opened the Refrigerator Door?

  1. Guys, this is something we humans call the change of seasons. Here in Minnesota, we have warm or hot summers, and it gets cool and then cold in winter. You are still young and you might not remember how cold it was last winter. It got quite cool last night, but it is going to get even colder in a month or so. You will probably not want to go outside at all. I know it is fun to play outside, but it will not be fun when it is cold outside and the snow is on the ground.

    By the way, Mom is not learning the notes, she is learning the songs, which means she is learning new patterns of notes and the words that go with those patterns. Mom already knows how to sing. She just needs to learn the new songs so she can perform them at church to make people’s hearts happy.

    1. We surely don’t remember the cold from last year, but we know we don’t like it. We’re glad you explained about the learning the songs stuff. Since Mom won’t let us go to choir, we weren’t really sure what she was doing. We still hope she gets it right!

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